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Daxlore Salukis are internationally recognised for their distinctive type and temperament, sound conformation and movement.

Overseas Champions

Daxlore Salukis were exported to the Arab Emirates, Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States, and West Africa.

Many of these became show champions in Argentina, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Nigeria, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, USA and West Africa.

Two Daxlore Salukis also gained obedience titles in the USA.

In Australia, Willdbee of Daxlore, Wildsky of Daxlore, Stardust of Daxlore, Starstone of Daxlore, and Roseanna of Daxlore, all became champions for the Idleacres kennel of Mr. MacKenzie-Begg and helped to establish the breed in the country. Wildrain of Daxlore and Rosepetal of Daxlore also became Australian champions for Erin Brown.

In the USA, Seamaid of Daxlore became a champion and Trudy, Sagara, Sarad, Sandhya, Sasa, Sarva, and Saman of Daxlore, became International American champions for the Srinagar Kennel of Dr. Winifred Lucas.

Other US Champions include Ch. Shah of Daxlore, Ch. Arabian Knight of Daxlore, Ch. Sofia of Daxlore, Ch. Seamaid of Daxlore, Ch. Spring of Daxlore, Ch. Starshell of Daxlore, Ch. Wildmoss of Daxlore, Ch. Wild Violet of Daxlore, Ch. Wildgoose of Daxlore (who gained his title at 9 months of age) and Ch. Wildsorrell of Daxlore.

In Sweden, Daylight of Daxlore and Wildstorm of Daxlore became champions and Clarissa of Daxlore, Skylark of Daxlore International Champions. Int. Ch. Skylark of Daxlore was Best Saluki and Top Winning Hound for two years.

Mrs. Hald in Denmark founded her Stensedal Kennel on the Daxlore Champions Jessica and Vanity of Daxlore and International Champions Frolic and Silver Velvet of Daxlore.

Finnish Champions Northsea of Daxlore, Wildorchid and Wildbramble of Daxlore and Int. Ch. Skynymph of Daxlore proved to be extremely influential in the breeding programmes of several successful kennels including the Kirman kennel of Mrs. Hilkka Nousiainen and the Sahrai kennel of Mrs. Merva Henttonen.

Mrs. Skelton-Fortune retired from the showring in the 1970s and continued her breeding programme into the 1980s. She died in 2000 aged almost 93.

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